Interview with Kylie Rae, The 1st Zelo Pro Women’s Champion

Kylie Rae - Zelo Pro Wrestling’s first-ever women’s champion

Congrats to Kylie Rae!

We are continuing our trend of putting over women’s wrestling and talking to first time champions. This champ is Zelo Pro Wrestling’s first champion EVER! She’s also a hometown girl and is getting a master’s degree AND loves Snorlax, the Pokemon. It’s a winning combination.

Congrats to Kylie Rae on her huge title victory in front of a hometown crowd and friends/family.

Also please use the hashtag #BeatUpGPA on all tweets moving forward.

Disclaimer: Charley from 2 Heels and A Face is entirely too loud and needs to hold the microphone farther away from his mouth, so we apologize in advance.

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Kylie Rae Interview — 2 Heels and A Face Wrestling Podcast
We broke out streak of never taking a picture with our guest — Hooray

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