Bracket Analysis with our Certified Bracketologist, @Hank312

In case you haven’t heard, from now until Wrestlemania day we will be hosting a parody bracket involving independent wrestlers we have seen in the chicagoland area.

Welcome to the #BuffetBracket2018

Wrestling is a buffet and we embrace the fact that different people like different things.

The goals of the Buffet Bracket are the following:

1. Create friendly discussion amongst the wrestling community

2. Acknowledge wrestlers for their hard work and sacrifices

3. Put your favorites over and help them get noticed by more people

16 indie wrestlers have been chosen, but only one will be left standing.

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To vote for other rounds please follow us on Twitter and Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for links that lead to a Google survey. Each link will contain all matchups for that round. For example, the 1st round link will allow you vote on all matchups for the first round.

Happy voting! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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